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why choose 1812 indefatigable as an investment?

Two main points determine the potential for a Whisky to appreciate in value and thus constitute a prudent investment:

1812 Indefatigable 1812 Indefatigable


Getting the balance right is the key to determining whether your potential investment strategy is right. 1812 Indefatigable Limited Edition 14 Year old whisky is provided by Premier Liquor, produced by the Tasmania Distillery Pty Ltd., makers of the Sullivans Cove Single-Malt. This was voted the best Single-Malt Whisky in the world at the World Whisky Awards 2014.

Tasmania Distillery Pty Ltd. is no newcomer to awards and honours as you can see from their website.

1812 Indefatigable Premium Whisky Chest


The alcohol content of the 1812 Indefatigable Limited Edition 14 year old whisky is uniquely 50% abv, with only 100 bottles produced every year by the Tasmania Distillery Pty Ltd. With overall limited production of all whiskies available from the distillery, this makes 1812 Indefatigable a rarity which can only enhance it’s desirability as an investment and as a whisky for the connoisseur.

This will continue to be the case until 2024, making 1812 Indefatigable Limited Edition whisky extremely rare.

Beautifully crafted by the expert glass makers at Langham Glass, the 1812 Indefatigable Whisky crystal bottle is capped with a solid Irish silver top and sits in a bespoke distressed oak presentation case invoking the heritage to ships chests of that period.

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1812 Indefatigable