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whisky as an investment

Whisky, particularly Single-Malt Whisky has become one of the hottest investment vehicles! It has been reported that investors are switching from wine to Whisky and recently Bloomberg reported “The world’s first Whisky fund” which was to launch in 2014 in Hong Kong.

Whisky has become an alternative investment opportunity and as one might imagine the pun liquid asset has been well and truly hackneyed by the writers! However, another point that all the writers agree on is that Whisky offers a huge investment opportunity, mainly because of the world shortage of premium Single-Malt Whiskies!

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how to invest in whisky

Again the writers are keen to give us their opinions on why whisky is a good investment and how to invest in Whisky. CNN commented “How some Whisky lovers are making millions” then goes on to discuss “investing in rare Whisky”! This article explains that the top 100 Whiskies have appreciated 440% in the last 6 years. But as with all investments one must be aware that there are risks involved a point expounded by the Sydney Morning Herald in its article “The dos and don’ts of Whisky investment”, a must read for anyone thinking about investing in Whisky.

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Two main points determine the potential for a Whisky to appreciate in value and thus constitute a prudent investment...

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